Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist and Technologist Awardees

2016 Dr. Denise Daley
2006 Dr. Cliff Riley Awarded for his research on “Jamaican Yams starches, detecting their usefulness in a variety of Pharmaceutical products.”
2005 Dr. Michael Taylor Awarded for his research work “Toward the production of seasonal forecasts and climate Change, Scenarios for the Caribbean.”
2004 Dr. Mishka Stennett Awarded for outstanding work on Coral Reef Restoration.“Enhancing Coral Habitat for the Benefit of the Tourist and subsistence fisheries Sectors.”
2003 Dr. Gossel Williams Copped the prestigious prize for her outstanding work in “The Nutraceutical value of Pumpkin Seed Oil: Inhibition of the growth of Rat Prostrate.”
2002 Dr. Andrew Wheatley Awarded for his outstanding biotechnology work on tuber crop.His presentation was entitled “Biotechnology Improvement of Tuber Crops for Wealth and
Wellness among Caribbean People”
2001 Dr. Lyndon Johnson Awarded for his research on the “Bioextraction Industry in Jamaica: the Technosol Experience.”
2000 Dr. Marcia Royes Completed a very interesting and useful work in Molecular Characterization of the Control Strategies for White fly Transmitted Geninivm in Jamaica.
1999 The project UTECH Students Information Kiosk. Did not satisfy all the criteria hence the
committee recommended a special recognition award to the University of Technology to be used specifically for development of this project.
1998 Dr. Timon Waugh Awarded for his research project to find cost effective solution to the problem of environmental pollution associated with coffee pulpery operations and the significant
1997 Dr. Dwight Robin This award was for development of formulations of plant derived pesticides; use of trap and companion crops and management of residues of organic pesticides in
island ecosystems
1996 Dr. Paula Tennant Awarded for recognizing the importance of biotechnology inagricultural development, locally and overseas.
1995 Awarded in recognition of his work with the Jamaican Yellowyam (Dioscorea cayenensis)
1994 Miss Donna Lewis First female Awardee. Although not receiving the full award, the adjudicating committee felt that her research on the threshold levels of dextrans in sugar cane for
acceptance into factories showed considerable scientific effort and potential.
1993 Dr. Dale Webber
1992 Dr. Dan Ramdath Awarded based on his research on the rehabilitation of malnourished children using coconut and corn oil based diets. Has showed very impressive results.
1991 Dr Andre Gordon Awarded based on his work on comminuted meat products.