Message from the Executive Director, SRC

c-rileyOne of the primary roles of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) is to foster and coordinate scientific research, promotion of its application and popularization of science and technology through strategic alliances. One such avenue utilized to advance this thrust is through our Biennial Science Technology and Innovation (ST&I) Conference, traditionally hosted during Science and Technology Month. This year’s ST&I conference will be held November 14-15, 2016 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston Jamaica under the theme “Science Technology & Innovation: Stimuli for Health, Wealth and Wellness”.


The 2016 conference will provide a forum for scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, business persons, policy makers, students and members of the public to share their knowledge and experiences, as well as an opportunity for us to sensitize the nation on the importance of S&T for national growth and development. The conference will also create opportunities for local, regional and international scientists and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas on developments and future directions of Science, Technology and innovation in the Business community. Additionally, it will provide opportunities for research students to gain experience and knowledge on current scientific advancements in various fields.


This year’s Conference will feature a Distinguished Lecture by Dr. the Honorable Andrew Wheatley, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology along with 5 plenary lectures, 18 short scientific papers and poster presentations from over 50 local and international experts. The conference will feature 6 thematic sessions namely; Nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals; Health and Wellness; Knowledge Transfer and Innovation; ST&I Supporting Business and Entrepreneurship; Food and Agriculture; and Young Scientists Driving Innovations.


As this year’s conference is open to the public (at no cost) we expect at least 500 participants daily. Additionally, we expect exhibits from over 20 companies and 15 Innovators vying for the National Innovation Award and Prime Minister’s Medal for Innovation.


We hope that the conference will serve as a catalyst, driving improvements and sensitization of health professionals to the growing trends in health research and innovation and how they impact on patient care and strengthening of local, regional and international health care systems.


We look forward to welcoming you to the 2016 National ST&I Conference.


Cliff K Riley, M.A., Ph.D.