Past Conferences

Conference 2016

Theme: Stimuli for Health, Wealth and Wellness.

Conference 2014

Theme: Green gold: Medicinal Ganja and other natural products – a potential source of wealth.

The Scientific Research Council held its 3rd Biennial (S&T) Science and Technology  Conference at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel,  Knutsford  Boulevard, Kingston 5, November 10 – 12, 2014. The Conference Theme was : Green gold:  Medicinal Ganja and other natural products – a potential source of wealth.

The Conference was focus on Medicinal Ganja and other Natural  Products and was geared towards continuing the revolution that was already started , highlighting the myriad possibilities for the potential use of medical marijuana as a solution to good health and wellness globally.

The event provided a forum for researchers, academics, investors, students and members of the private sector, public sector and the general public to participate in lectures, presentations, exhibitions and discussions and they were informed of developments in the Natural Products sector.

Conference 2012

Theme: Science and Technology driving development – competitive edge for Caribbean entities

A Science, Technology and Innovation Conference was hosted by the Scientific Research Council in conjunction an EU/ACP funded initiative called Caribbean Welcome. This event was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston from November 6 to 8. The Theme

Presenter during the Conference Session
Presenter during the Conference Session

of Conference was Science and Technology driving development – competitive edge for Caribbean entities. Several world class speakers and leading Research Scientists were able to share information on applications of Science Technology and Innovation and how results from these efforts could lead to wealth creation. Persons attending the Conference were kept abreast of state of the art technologies. The Conference also provided a forum for networking with an interdisciplinary group – researchers, business persons, innovators from all fields related to science, technology and business.
Guest speaker for the Opening Ceremony of the Conference was Dr Cardinal Warde – leading Barbadian Electronic Engineer Professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston in the US. Professor Warde.

Professor Warde cited the challenges the Caribbean faced in the teaching of Science and Technology throughout schools, pointing to the need for Science and Technology education reform throughout the region. He called for more use of technology in the classroom and greater regional collaboration in solving these problems.

On Day 2, November 7, a keynote address was delivered by Mr Robert Rashford, a Jamaican Aerospace Engineer from NASA who also makes tools for use in outer space. He shared his experiences as a Jamaican working in the world of space, stressing the need for good work ethics, team effort and a positive approach to problem solving as key factors for survival in the competitive business world.

Overview and Short Papers

Short paper presentations and overview presentations were delivered over the two days. Presentations were of a high quality with a2012_conferenceFive range of content ranging from assessing how Science and Technology and Innovation has evolved over the years, the impact of these technologies on businesses to date and pointing to the need to have closer collaboration between academia, business and government.

Panel Discussion

Members of the public joined in discussions with a Panel of key outstanding persons in the Jamaican society later in the day. They reflected on the lessons learnt from the past fifty years acknowledging the achievements, challenges and opportunities gained over time in moving forward as a result. Highlights of the application of some new technologies in music, agro- industry, energy in business and medicine on the horizon were presented. Panelists included Mr James Moss-Solomon, Mr Christopher Levy, Mr Kingsley Cooper (IBO Cooper) and Dr Winston Davidson. The session was chaired by Mr Robert Rashford NASA Aerospace Engineer.

Exposition of Local Entrepreneurs

Running alongside the Conference was an Exhibition where local entrepreneurs got an opportunity to showcase some of their technologies. The Exhibition was opened by Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy the Hon Julian Robinson and Mrs Mellissa McHargh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SRC.


Past Conference Themes

2016 Stimuli for Health Wealth and Wellness
2014 Green gold: Medicinal Ganja and other natural products – a potential source of wealth.
2012 Science & Technology Driving Development: Competitive Edge for Caribbean Entities
2010 Green Technologies for Survival
2008 Science and Technology: Driving Industry and Commerce
2007 Science and Technology: Driving Youth Development
2006 Science and Technology for Economic Development: Impacting the CARICOM Single Market (CSM)
2005 Science and Technology for Economic Development: Energy in the 21st Century
2004 Science and Technology for Economic Development: Transforming Research Results and Traditional Knowledge into Viable Business
2003 Science and Technology for Economic Development: Technology Driven Agriculture and Agroprocessing
2002 Science and Technology for Economic Development: Towards Health, Wealth and Knowledge
2001 Science and Technology for Economic Development: The Bioextraction Industry
2000 Genes & Their Impact
1999 Information Technology for National Development
1998 Zero Waste Processing
1997 Managing Science & Technology in the 21st Century
1996 Science & Technology: An Investment
1995 Science & Technology for All
1994 Agro-Industry: Competitive Edge through Science & Technology
1992 Food & Nutrition
1991 Science & Technology in Industry
1990 The Environment
1989 Agriculture Development for the 21st Century
1988 Biotechnology for Development
1987 Science and Technology in Jamaica