Message- Science & Technology Month

Jamaica’s transition to a knowledge-based society and innovation-based economy is hinged on critical advances in Science and Technology through research and development.


This year’s recognition of Science and Technology Month marks a turning point for the perception of Science in Jamaica. With our Gross Domestic Product (GPD) at 24.7% of 138 countries, the increased use of scientific applications to sectors such as Agriculture, Health Care, Education and Mining will boost the performance of these sectors and improve Jamaica’s international competitiveness.


The Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology is committed to maximizing the contribution of science and technology to all areas of national development. In this regard, the National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) and Scientific Research Council (SRC) are therefore critical to the fulfillment of the Government’s vision for Science.


As we position our country to achieve the targets of Vision 2030, we are moving to create and courage a culture of science in Jamaica. A key element involves bolstering our capacity for research and development, as well as the application and adaption of science and technology to decision-making.


To that end, we will be working assiduously for the promulgation of the Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) Policy, which will create the necessary framework to boost the profile of science and the engendering of a culture innovation.


Furthermore, our strategy for enhancing the Science portfolio will include:

  • Encouraging research as the basis of decision making.
  • Integration of science and technology into all areas of development.
  • Commercialization of research and innovation
  • Encouraging the innovative use and application of ICT by Jamaica private enterprise and Government.
  • Establishment of a dynamic and responsive National Innovation System.


As we recognize this very important national event, I encourage all Jamaicans to participate fully in the programme of activities, and let us together make Jamaica a land of Innovation and creation.


May God bless us all!



Andrew Wheatley, PhD., M.P.

Minister of Science, Energy & Technology