National Innovation Awards


Education and Popularization of Science and Technology, Conrad Brown, "Google Transit Implementation for JUTC Google Transit a service from Google maps that allows transit operators to embed schedule, route, fare and stop information directly within Google maps. It is the global standard used in over 800 cities across 70 countries. From the convenience of their smartphones, tablets, computers, commuters can simply enter their destination in Google maps and be presented with various options for travel containing the route number(s) involved, the bus stop nearest to the commuter and the expected time for the bus to arrive at that stop, all stops along the route and estimated time of arrival of their destination. Commuters can also specify whether they prefer less walking (to avoid walking to distant bus stops) or less vehicle transfers (if they prefer to take single vehicle where possible)."
Energy, Conrad Brown, "LED Street Lamp The product is a recycled LED Lamp made especially for the replacement of existing High Pressure Sodium (UPS) street lamp. The LED lamp is rated 48 watt when powered from pure DC supply. The nominal voltage is 48 volt DC, but can be configured for 24v DC. A constant LED Driver with adjustable voltage range 87 – 260v AC is incorporated and allows the LED lamp to work on an existing electrical distribution seamlessly. The power dissipated from the LED driver is just over 1 watt thus allowing a combined power rating of approximately 50 watts for the LED lamp when powered from AC supplied the LEDs are made using Bridge Lux technology a company of the United States. The lamp is certified by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards for use in the Jamaica market."
Environmental Sustainability(There is a tie for this category), Paul Jackson, "Environment Focus Recycling Machine The Environmental Focus Recycling Machine consists of a disc typed spiked blade horizontally supported within a cylindrical housing and can be driven by an electrical motor or an engine (gas or diesel). Products to be recycled are fed into the cylinder and fall directly on the spinning spiked blade resulting in shredded particles which can be used for different useful application for sustaining the environment. Products to be recycled include coconut husk dumped in gullies, ackee pods and vegetable matter left in the market after the day’s sale. The machine is portable and very easy to operate."
, Ceretsie Rowe-Campbell, " Sustainable Food Carte (Maroon Kitchen)The Food Carte was designed to use biomass waste as energy for cooking. The Carte boast a flat griddle, grill, sink, counter, covering and will also boast a briquette press to compress waste for fuel. The burners are rocket stoves that are used as the heating source for stove of cooking station. The stove was designed to keep our indigenous taste of our food when cooked using wood fire."
Agriculture, Food & Agro-process, Oral & Allison Turner, "Sorrel Harvesting Machine The Sorrel Harvesting Machine is the first successful mechanical device to enable the separation of the Red Flesh (Calyx) from the Seed Pod of the Sorrel Plant. It works by loading a hopper placed above the machine sorrel buds. The buds are periodically fed in the main body of the machine where they are separated by a cutting method. The Calyx and seed pod are then separated and exit out in separate chambers of the machine. The machine was first entered into the 2014 competition and won the award for the Agriculture category. Since that time we built a new upgraded machine, this model was made from higher quality components and upgraded technology, it gives higher yield output in less time and introduces a new part that separates the end product, the working model is currently part of a manufacturing production line in Turner Innovations Factory as the key apparatus used to produce 'Turner's Choice Dried Sorrel'. It has cut labour costs and made production faster. In February of this year an experienced Canadian Engineer redesigned a commercial version of the machine, the design is complete and we are using the latest technology to manufacture the new blueprint using solid works, Hamilton's Workshop Montego Bay alongside us are using 3D Printing technology in the design, and we are featuring the introduction of a computerized interface to control the machine. This new model will is scheduled for completion by December 2016."
YOUTH, Chadwick Barclay, " A Low Cost Navigation System for the Visually Impaired or Blind
There are a number of challenges faced by the visually impaired persons in our daily commute, including safe navigation between points, especially in highly trafficked areas. The innovation is an Android smartphone application (App) that uses speech recognition technology to enable users to request and receive directions to specific landmarks after which a step by step voice instruction assists the user in manoeuvring to the specific location. The App is complemented by a sonar sensing device that detects nearby object in the peripheral vision of the user and alerts the user through a vibration actuator based on the proximity of the detected object. Wireless communication between App and traffic light system where App automatically makes request to switch the stoplight to a pedestrian walk signal. An audible sound is enabled on the stoplight when is safe to cross."
Health & Safety, Dr. Henry Lowe, "Alpha Prostate Formula II Alpha Prostate Formula II, another first product of its kind formulated with the Jamaican Ball Moss extract and isolate HLBT-001, the major bioactive ingredient in the product. The predecessor to Alpha Prostate Formula II is Alpha Prostate Formula I, a nuetraceutical supplement distributed by Eden Gardens Nuetraceutical is used in the management of prostate health. Alpha Prostate Formula II is formulated with the identified single molecule from the Ball Moss which has been identified to possess anticancer activity against breast and prostate cancer. The product has shown significant bioactivity against the previously mentioned cancer cells and negligible toxicity against normal cells. The product also promotes good prostate health."
ICT and Electronics (with special focus on Cyber Security), Omar Samuels, "Chaperon Chaperon is the world’s first safety forecast system. It uses multiple data sources such as security reports, survey data, news reports and crowd sourced information to forecast the safety score of a country, a city and even a specific location. The API (Application Programming Interface) and apps are available for use by tourists, travellers and basically anyone who needs to be able to both plan their movements with safety in mind and also keep track of the ever changing safety assessments of a particular location, especially when the area is not the user’s typical locale. The system is an advanced 3-layer API used to build mobile and web apps and is designed with the ability to be effortlessly integrated with even today’s most popular platforms such as Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and other travel and safety related applications . Chaperon makes use of today’s advanced and available technologies such as ubiquitous GPS, Internet connectivity, mobile penetration, cloud computing, machine learning and eventually Artificial Intelligence to model proven scientific platforms such as weather forecasting and risk profiling to produce something scalable and consumable by the mass public."
Engineering & Manufacturing, Mark Bennett, "Active Regulator Generator Plus (ARG) Active Regulator Generator Plus refers to an active power factor correction system. It corrects energy from your service provider from 60% or 100% power factor making most appliances have a more resistive load allowing it to use a lot less energy. Regulative speaks to regulating the voltage to the value programmed by the user. ARG will only allow the programmed voltage to pass on to the appliance and can be operated from a wide voltage main of 80 to 270 volts. Generator is the ability to generate a predetermined frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz depending on the appliance making it work more efficiently. ARG is designed to give the user the power at their finger tip to choose whatever the appliances requires; regardless of the frequency and the voltage it is receiving from an outlet. It can output 50 Hz or 60 Hz at 120 volts or 220 volts making it suitable for all countries."