Session Speaker: Dr. Aisha Jones

Dr. Aisha Jones is the newly appointed Executive Director for the Biotech R&D Institute in Kingston, Jamaica based at the University of the West Indies. The privately-owned biotechnology company is a premier research organization in Jamaica which conducts innovative activities geared at validating the medicinal properties of Jamaican plants for the development of natural products.

She is a trained fish biologist/ecologist with academic focus on the impacts non-invasive fish species on the local artisanal fisheries of Jamaica. Her professional background spans several areas including science education, alternative energy, solid waste management and island biodiversity.

More recently her assignment within the public sector focussed on establishing and promoting policies and programmes that support research and development as drivers of national development. She represented the Government of Jamaica in several national and international fora, including UNESCO Science Advisory Board for Jamaica, Organization of American States Inter-American Committee for Science and Technology, the International Network for Government Science Advice.